Reading Assistance

Reading Support is a Strong Focus at Whitefish Study Center    

I always tell my students that I am never shocked at how many students struggle reading and spelling;  rather, I am surprised at how many don't! Reading and spelling are not easy - they take work and most importantly, they take proper instruction.  Whitefish Study Center tutors are trained to assist struggling readers. Our staff  has curriculum in place to assist with all reading needs, no matter how severe.  We have specialized curriculum for students struggling with everything from dyslexia to basic reading comprehension needs.  The sooner your students receive help, the sooner they will improve and become confident readers and students.  Please contact Kristen atWhitefish Study Center  with any questions regarding our services and programs.  

New for the 2017/2018 School Year! 

Whitefish Study Center and Integrational Coach, Denise Dryden now offer The Family Cooperative Plan.

The Family Cooperative Plan combines tutoring and parent coaching in an attempt to address what parents can do to explore learning challenges, their own academic expectations, ways to support a child who struggles in school, and what patterns of communication make it either easier or more difficult between a parent and child. 

WSC will also be working with Denise in offering four Resource Nights that will cover topics such as:

·      Do you have a highly sensitive child?

·      Creating self soothing tools and stronger focus in order to manage anxiety

·      How to create independent children … and parents

The first Resource Night,  Perspectives On Anxiety, is scheduled for October 18th, 7:00 p.m., at the Whitefish Study Center -  Please contact Kristen Pulsifer more information.  


What we learn with pleasure, we never forget.

-Alfred Mercier 

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