Private Tutoring

$50 /hour

Private tutoring  is an excellent option for students who need assistance with homework and overall study skills. We have tutors available for all subjects, with qualifications for ages ranging from elementary school to high school. Our tutors provide assistance in academic content, homework completion, and test preparation, as well as support in teaching students how to become advocates for themselves. In addition to receiving individualized academic coaching, students are also provided with weekly to monthly written progress reports. Whitefish Study Center currently has tutors available for all levels of English, History, Math, Science and Spanish. 

Study Time


The Whitefish Study Center is an excellent place to study, with access to resource books, laptops, and experienced tutors.  For those students wishing for a quiet place to complete homework and prepare for tests, without needing one-on-one private tutoring, WSC offers the Study Time program.  This package includes use of the study center, including access to all WSC resources and tutors to handle occasional questions, up to two afternoons per week from 3:45 - 5:45pm.   Please register for the time and day you would like so tutors know to be available for anything students may need during their study time.

SAT Private Coaching