Learning Assessments

The assessments available at Whitefish Study Center are focused on academic concerns.  Many are normed referenced, which means they are designed to compare and rank students in relation to a large group of statistically selected individuals, usually the same age or grade level, who have already taken the test.  In other words, the tests can compare your student’s scores to those of other students across the nation, allowing for a designation of on, above or below grade level.

We offer an academic profile that addresses concerns regarding your student’s performance in school.  We work closely with teachers and administrators to make sure everyone is providing consistent, specific support.

We offer in-depth information regarding Math and Language Arts:

·       Phonological and phonemic Awareness

·       Reading comprehension

·       Vocabulary

·       Spelling / punctuation

·       Sentence combining

·       Passage composition

·       Communication skills

·       Math computation

·       Basic concepts in Math

·       Math operations

·       Story problems

·       Problem solving strategies


*Please contact Pam Clark, with the Whitefish study Center, for more information and questions - Pam (406)224-7485; pam.c.123@outlook.com