My 2nd grade daughter started the school year with academic assessment scores that indicated she was well below her grade level in all areas of study and in need of urgent intervention.  She experienced high levels of anxiety regarding school on a daily basis.  Mid-way through the year she started working twice a week with Kristen Pulsifer at Whitefish Study Center, focusing primarily on reading and comprehension.  Over the last months I have watched my daughter’s confidence skyrocket.  She now goes to school with enthusiasm and participates in all aspects of her classroom. Recently the end of the year assessment scores were sent home.  Her scores climbed from below 20% to above 75% of the national average.  She is reading and comprehending at or above grade level.  She is problem solving on her own and taking initiative to ensure her classroom success.  I am so grateful for the time, dedication and expertise Kristen shared with my daughter this year.  Kristen has altered the course of my daughter’s educational path and helped her find joy in learning.
— Mother, Whitefish, Montana
My daughter, who has been working with the Whitefish Study Center, sat down in out car yesterday after school, very upset. She said her teacher wasn’t assigning homework for the rest of the school year. I asked her why that upset her. Her reply was, ‘Because I won’t be able to work with Julie again until next school year.!’ Then there were tears. Thank you Julie, and WSC, for all you have done for our family!
— Anonymous
Thank you for working with Kayla. She improved her ACT score by 2 points! Therefore, she won’t need to retake the SAT!
— Anonymous
We have worked with Kristen and the Whitefish Study Center for the past four years. It has brought more peace to our home life. Kristen has helped my daughter feel more confident in her reading and schoolwork. The study center provides a warm, calm atmosphere for students to work, develop skills and learn different strategies to help each student succeed. Far and foremost it helps build confidence within!”
— Stacy Talbot